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Sibec is bringing together top club and fitness operators and owners with leading industry suppliers for networking opportunities and pre-scheduled 1-to-1 private meetings.  A relaxed setting provides the perfect backdrop to meet, engage and do business with unprecedented ease, effectiveness, and speed.


  • Maximize out of the office time in focused meetings with key decision-makers
  • Cement deals at networking sessions and receptions 
  • Dine with colleagues and make lasting relationships
  • Get to know people in the industry for long term success

Benefits of Sibec Events

Personalized and Pre- Scheduled Meetings

Personalized and Pre- Scheduled Meetings

Maximize your time with in person one-to-one meetings

Networking for Relationship Building

Networking for Relationship Building

Meet with industry colleagues to gain insights and share ideas.

Discover New Equipment and Services

Discover New Equipment and Services

See the latest in new supplies to enhance your business

Engage and Learn

Engage and Learn

Hear from industry experts in educational sessions
Attend as a hosted buyer

Conduct serious business, network with your peers and build strategic relationships with suppliers

Attend as a supplier

Network with high-level sports, health and fitness industry decision-makers and grow your business

About Sibec Events

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Quest Zero is the Questex initiative to bring you community connection, discovery and learning without the green house gasses. We’re committed to reach net zero by 2050 – if not before!

Learn more about the Quest Zero initiative and specific actions already being taken to reduce emissions at events like this one.

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